Sal Cioffi Award

In 2000 the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association established an award to honor Sal Cioffi, one of our founding members. Sal’s direction and foresight created the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association, and he helped build the foundation for professionalism and accreditation in our industry. Our Board of Directors selects an award recipient annually. This is our highest honor for an individual’s contributions to our Association and State.

List of Recipients:

2000: Jack Riccio

2001: John Pallotto

2002: Joe Maisano, Jr.

2003: Phil Grande Jr.

2004: Vincent Mendillo

2005: George Cargos

2006: David Peterson

2007: Robert Taylor

2008: Emilio Troiano

2009: Anthony LaBanca

2010: Giovanni ‘John’ DiMonaco

2011: Teresa Mello
2012: Wayne Daly
2013: Joseph Sims
2014: H. David Christensen
2016: David Wollman

2019: Ted Greiner

2020: David Lenz

2021: Jim Brooks