Safety Issues & Info

Truck & trailer issues. CT is a Federal Compliant State
Licensing Drug screening
Medical records – physicals
Medical examinors in CT
Changes of address
Tie down do and don’t
Daily checks – don’t get lazy- 
Annual inspections
Registration Compliance Inspections- when you are stopped on the road

Having a “stop kit” (see below)

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin. Medical This page sponsored in part by our friends at: Nutmeg Trucks

1)Popular Mechanics- the right way to tow a trailer
2) Safety check list for new employees

No one wants to be stopped while traveling from one customer to another, but it happens. Something you were doing attracted the officers attention. Now that you are pulled over here are some tips.
1) Have a binder with all the important paperwork inside including photo copies of your drivers license, etc. Make the experience as professional as you can shows the officer you “get” the system and are trying to play by the rules.
2) Have a file box [like the one seen below] filled with any records you need to show repairs have been made and when.
3) Us proper tie downs and secure loads in accordance with the standards of the state and federal DMV. The excuse that you are just going from one place to another close by quickly means nothing to an officer.
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