Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association


This link will direct you immediately to the Custom Grounds Licensing information.  At the bottom of that DEEP page are phone numbers for classes.  


The steps needed are to either take a class or review the material individually.  

There are 3 components to the test.  

 a) Written which includes the Core (safety) manual
 b) Knowledge which includes the plants, pests and controls.
 c) The third component is an oral exam upon satisfactory completion of the written test.  


Once you are a supervisor, your company will need to register for a Business Number

Once you have a "B" number and are a supervisor, and would like to have operators apply pesticides under the Supervisor, you will need an operator’s license.  

The operator’s study manual is here  

Operator’s tests are given regularly on specified dates around the state.  

Information on those tests can be found here


Once these things are in place there are reporting requirements and fees but those are better explained during classes or by the DEEP.


For more information DEEP can be reached at 860-424-3369 for pesticide matters.


This link is useful because it will bring you directly to the DEEP page regarding commercial certification.