Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association


Course II of IV March 22 and 23, 2016 Optional Exam March 24

Offered by THE FEDERATED GARDEN CLUBS OF CT, INC JANE WAUGH Federated Garden Clubs of CT PRESIDENT The CT Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) Jones Auditorium 123 Huntington Street New Haven, CT Accredited School by: National Garden Clubs, Inc. 

General School Information The Landscape Design Study School was developed by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. in 1958 and has been offered by our state’s Federated Garden Club of CT since 1978. The purpose of this four-part course study is “to educate garden club members and the public to know good landscape architectural practice and to serve as guardians and critics of the natural and man-made landscape.” 

Anyone is welcome to attend who wishes to familiarize themselves with the principles and practices of landscape design as stewards of the outdoors. 

• The curriculum is divided into 4 courses; one course is given in CT each year. • Courses may be taken in any order. 

• Students are encouraged to attend all 4 courses, but each course can stand alone. • Lectures are given by Landscape Architects and other professionals 

• Students are urged to take the optional exam on the 3rd morning. Exams are multiple choice. Landscape Design Consultants Landscape Design Consultants are needed to serve intelligently as members of park boards, highway and conservative commissions, school grounds, and other community organizations. The Landscape Design Council community collaborates with members of the design professions in planning grounds of public buildings, parks, nature preserves and roadsides. How to become a Consultant Garden club members earn a Landscape Design Consultant Certificate by: 

• Attending all 4 courses, receiving grades of 70 or better on the exams • Completing all 4 courses within 7 years 

• Becoming a member of the Landscape Design Council after passing 2 of the 4 courses. Council activities include programs, field trips, and other aspects of continuing education. Landscape Design Consultants are required to attend courses (without the exam) at least once every 5 years to maintain a Consultant Certificate.

 _________________________________ Landscape Design Study School Committee: Susan Laursen - State Chair 203-415-2077 Jeanette Barrows - Registrar 203-770-8455 Nancy Baker - Proctor Tuesday, March 22, 2016 8:15 Registration 8:45 

Welcome Dr. Andreadis - Director, CT Agricultural Experiment Station Jane Waugh- President, The Federated Garden Clubs of CT, Inc. 9:00 Community Landscape Management Challenges facing public lands, awareness and education John Alexopoulos, Landscape Architect 10:00 Break 10:15 Landscape Design Process The purpose, attitude, and spatial organization of design Regina Neal, Landscape Designer 11:15 Preservation of Historic Sites and Structures Historical heritage education and its challenges Leslie Martino, Landscape Designer 12:15 Lunch 1:00 Site Design and Landform Creating three-dimensional space, and its effects on topography and circulation patterns Pamela Lester, Landscape Architect 2:00 Plant Selection Characteristics of plants in a design and their maintenance considerations Pamela Lester, Landscape Architect Wednesday, March 23, 2016 8:30 Registration 8:45 Opening Announcements Nancy Baker - LDC Chair 9:00 Development of Landscape Design in Early America Social, economic, and political influences on national and regional characteristics Marie Stella, Landscape Designer and Historian 10:00 Break 10:15 Landscapes as a Learning Experience Community sites as a teaching tool, including signage, safety, and visitor information Marie Stella, Landscape Designer and Historian 11:15 Special Interest Topic - Exploring Our CT Landscapes: Nature, Art and History David K. Leff - author of “Hidden in Plain Sight: A Deep Traveler Explores Connecticut” 12:15 Lunch 1:00 Plants in the Landscape Design and functional characteristics in developing a planting plan Barbara Schaedler, Landscape Architect 2:00 Structures in the Landscape Hardscape material and details required to achieve design concepts and budget Barbara Schaedler, Landscape Architect Thursday, March 24, 2016 8:45 Check-in for optional exam 9-10:30 Exam The course fee includes food and beverages on Tuesday and Wednesday: • Continental breakfast: breads, fruit, cofee, and tea • Lunch - homemade and delicious • Water is available all day. Directions: 123 Huntington Street, New Haven CT From I-95 - Take I-91 North. Exit 6 to Willow St. See below From I-91 - Take Exit 6 to Willow Street. See below. From Exit 6: Turn right onto Willow Street and proceed to end. Turn right onto Whitney Ave., then take the 3rd left onto Huntington Street. The CT Agr. Exp. Station will be on your right Jones Auditorium - located in the center of the campus Parking: There is parking in the lot, and plenty of parking (free) on the street. Required chapter reading for those taking the exam: • “Stewards of the Land: A Survey of Landscape Architecture and Design in America”. Chapters:3, 4, 5, 11, 13, 19, 23, 34, 35 • “The National Gardener” article - short article available by email or at the course. Please check your library or purchase “Stewards of the Land” for $40 at If you have any questions or would like to inquire about used books, contact Susan Laursen: 203-415-2077